The Contemporary Herbalist Story

The Beginnings of a Contemporary Herbalist “Chinese Medicine changed my life!” –Dr. Christine Cannon As a young adult, I suffered from chronic sinus infections and allergies and wanted to do whatever it took to find relief. Frustrated with the side effects and...

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Go (Energy)

I created Go as an easy to use, practical remedy to increase energy, fight fatigue, and improve mental clarity. It is perfect for situations in which you need to be at your best, be it an important meeting, a study session or class that requires intense focus, before...

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Sniffle & Sneeze

I created Sniffle & Sneeze as an easy to use, practical remedy for the symptoms associated with colds and flus. It doesn’t taste great, but is super effective to prevent a cold or flu from developing or it can be used to reduce the intensity of symptoms once the cold...

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What’s the scoop on Sinus Clear?

I created Sinus Clear to provide an easy, on-the-go product to clear sinus congestion and irritation, whether from a head cold, allergies, or environmental pollutants. The formulation includes a Grapeseed oil infusion of Magnolia Flower (Xin Yi Hua), and Angelica...

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The Contemporary Herbalist

The Contemporary Herbalist has been created to provide quality herbal products and education on the clinical use and practical application of both of these powerful healing methods.

Dr. Christine Cannon, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.OM (808) 463-5884
533 E. Ohio Ave
Denver CO 80209

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