Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Study Program 2019

Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Study Program 2019

Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Study Program January 2019 – click here for the program calendar


This online study program is taught by Dr. Christine Cannon, this program is an in-depth study of the clinical application of Chinese herbs and formulas. The material is presented in such a way as to promote learning and embracing Chinese herbal medicine in a practical, simplified way for beginning students as well as seasoned practitioners and educators.

Modules 1 through 6 are approved for 12 NCCAOM CEU PDA points EACH, and can be enrolled in individually (see pricing below). Module 7 involves completing 10 case studies with mentoring from Dr. Cannon.

“The structure and material of this self-paced course (thus far) is clear and concise. Dr. Cannon has a strong emphasis on differentiation and diagnosis which not only keeps us on point, it reinforces how to apply our existing knowledge of TCM in combination with Chinese herbs in a clinical setting. The study guides and tests speak to the common and contemporary uses of individual herbs bringing together the ‘why’ and ‘hows’ of formulation. This course will definitely prepare me to integrate standard patent and modified formulas into my future practice.” – Claudine R, January 2017 program

Including the theoretical principles on the use of Chinese herbal medicine, students will the learn how to use the different forms of Chinese medicine – decoction, powder, or pills for example. The program is designed to cover categories of herbs and the formulas that relate to each category. Specific herbs and formulas from each category that are commonly used in the contemporary practice, will be covered, prioritizing each herb and formula as primary – most effective, most often used and secondary – less commonly used, but useful.

Relevant theoretical, diagnostic, clinical information and “treatment tips” for each category will be covered, as will documented and academically agreed upon cautions and contraindications for all herbs and formulas covered. The final portion of the program is a comprehensive review with a comprehensive exam to assess competency, followed by the completion on ten case studies with mentoring. These cases will be cases that the student has been working with outside of the program.

The program is delivered via two-hour online webinars on Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm MST.  All course materials are delivered electronically via email and Google drive. All classes are recorded for future use by participants, or in the event you are unable to attend the scheduled time.

Cost for the whole program paid in full:     $2,100.00 Click here to register and purchase
Cost for the whole program, paid in payments:    $500.00 deposit, 12 payments of $179.00 per month for a total of $2,650.00
Cost per module:     $525.00 per module, when purchased individually. To register and purchase click on the module
Module I
Module II
Module III
Module IV
Module V
Module VI

*** You may enroll in the program at the beginning of any module. Click here for the program schedule

If you would like to register for this program, or would like further information, please email Christine at:

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