Nourishing Face Oil


  • Nourishing
  • Hydrating
  • Detoxifying
  • Daily use
  • All natural – no additives


Nourishing Face Oil is infused with highly skin-compatible oils and medicinal herbs that actually do something. Our special blend works with your body to create clean, hydrated skin that is healthy, happy, and calm. Nourishing Face Oil detoxifies and protects your skin from the elements, and helps your body maintain optimal moisture and luminous skin every day. And nourishing face oil is ideal for daily use year-round.

Pure Plant-Derived Ingredients:
Organic avocado oil, organic camellia seed oil, organic rosehip, hemp oil, cold-pressed grape seed oil infused with select hydrating herbs and a proprietary blend of essential oils. See packaging or contact us for a complete list of ingredients.

Directions for use: As a moisturizer apply 3 – 5 drops to your fingertips massage the oil onto your clean, dry face gently working the oil into your skin. As an oil cleanser, apply a nickel-sized amount to your fingertips rub hands together and gently work the oil into your face. Avoid the urge to scrub! Wipe your face with a warm washcloth or warm running water until the oil and grime are washed away.


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