The Contemporary Herbalist Story

The Beginnings of a Contemporary Herbalist

“Chinese Medicine changed my life!” –Dr. Christine Cannon

As a young adult, I suffered from chronic sinus infections and allergies and wanted to do whatever it took to find relief. Frustrated with the side effects and ineffectiveness of the treatment I was getting, I thought I had tried everything and was at the end of my rope. Then, I was introduced to an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

Being open-minded, I welcomed the potential healing benefit of this very different and seemingly exotic medicine. Still, I was skeptical. However, my meter was based on results, and if I could get relief from symptoms without damaging my body, I was game.

I had some negative experiences with Western medicine in the past and was leery of prescription medicines that treated some symptoms, but had no capacity to really heal the whole person.  So, I decided to go “all in” with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I received weekly acupuncture treatments, followed the nutritional guidelines my practitioner set forth, and took my herbs.

My body responded well to the herbal medicine and I was surprised at how quickly I improved. Through that process, I learned how powerful herbal medicine is in its ability to heal the whole person, especially when combined with a balanced diet and lifestyle.” 

A few years later, I began studying acupuncture and herbs at one of the oldest schools of Chinese Medicine in the United States. For me, there was no looking back.

My 25+ year love affair with Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are amazing natural medicine! The herbs are intelligent, benevolent resources that we have access to for not merely relieving symptoms, but for fully revitalizing and rejuvenating our entire being.

The system of Chinese Herbal Medicine includes a comprehensive diagnostic method. It’s all about patterns and what they create in the body. By revealing the pattern, we can begin to “unravel the onion” and peel back the layers, so that one can express their unique potential.

Two people can have the same pattern, but it can create two different presentations/symptom pictures. The value is if you can treat the pattern of imbalance the body will come into alignment and keep itself healthy.

I have personally seen it transform my daily existence from one of constantly dealing with my symptoms (surviving) to one of realizing my goals and sharing my passion (thriving).

“Two people can have the same pattern, but it can create two different presentations/symptom pictures. The value is, if you can treat the pattern of imbalance the body will come into alignment and keep itself healthy.” 

Enter The Contemporary Herbalist

My vision with is to provide quality education, information and products to the community.Simply, I want to demystify herbal medicine. Why? It is a very practical form of healthcare that is based on thousands of years of empirical science. We also have hundreds of years of modern science that has yielded some incredible research and novel new medical pathways.

Gleaming insights from traditional Asian teachings of holistic wellness while striving to draw on contemporary modalities from the most advanced, cutting-edge science of the day, the Contemporary Herbalist blends both ancient and modern knowledge. For example, now the medicinal benefits of industrial hemp extract are irrefutable.

So, what am I all about?

The Contemporary Herbalist is a manifestation of my passion for this medicine and functions to deliver the most efficient natural herbal medicine education by offering advanced and specialized treatment to patients, training to practitioners, and to promote healthy living through ancestral traditions.My hope is to help others live their best lives through Chinese Herbal Medicine. In a way, I am paying it forward since this medicine has helped me live my best!

If you are in Denver we’d love to see you so please drop by our clinic and retail location at 533 E. Ohio avenue in the West Washington Park neighborhood!

Dr. Christine Cannon, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.OM

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